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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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we'll. bring you the latest in signs and signals from the realms of. the future coverage. four thirty pm in moscow two zero jihad why activists in syria are holding a nationwide day of nationwide protest against the government with reports demonstrators have been fired upon the u.s. is threatening action and slamming syria's alliance with iran experts say washington is clearly set its sights on both countries. russian security forces killed ten militants in the caucasus region including the leader of a terrorist cell responsible for a number of attacks and it's the latest in
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a series of successful counter terror sting operations in the region. in a russian pilot pilot cases prison after a new york court finds him guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the u.s. konstantin defense says he committed no crime against america he was arrested by u.s. agents last year and left tackle. now martin enters explores moscow in the many ways you can burn calories in the capital stay with us. hello and welcome i must go out and this was president of the subject of. not just
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about the typical gym and traditional sports there are now dozens of calorie busting activities that both sides and experts from both enjoy such as this activity. if you're looking for an alternative workout the welcome to the world of career a surprisingly art film that combines elements of martial arts schools and music created centuries ago by descendants attached to the slaves the brazilian native influences is known by quickly as using name because it kicks in quick lake sweeps which is somewhat different what counts the cultural center here wolf is a range of activities such as dogs martial arts i'm clear classes and sessions of how the different levels of experience. now might sound to try could nation balance and some basic knowledge of where is background is needed for example again usually does not focus on looking down the opponents rather
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emphasizes on the skill involved. the zick is also in charge of her career or assist his handling style of the game that is to be played each person in the room takes turns in producing the energetic moves and instruments interesting to say the least fitness with a different twist in a moscow. closing to take a look at. the sweets and stay nice and cozy magazine stay not only tell the readers about the latest cosmetic products and be trends you also organize p.r. events where readers can try and test various products in its fifth year now bt is an event by in style magazine with some of the most popular international brands showcase the goods and creations this year b.c. closely featured must across his body decisions making process and stylists.
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from the other new film from the fast and the furious series taking place in the russian capital fast five is the fifties siemens in the street race movies we should become box office it's around the world. the action films american activities of the ten of the premier himself and announced his thrill of being in moscow i can tell you one thing i love moscow. i can tell you that i want to shoot a movie in moscow so badly that you heard about it which of the legs and when you see superiors and you seek out spies. you'll hear all mia and brian talking about russia oh la. the next location is why do they do the rest stop our rats let's help too many going to the days of soviet style jeans so why not snout exercise in style and it's how to name
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a stroke become a modern look climbing to the competitive metropolis scenes that can never be enough story of the spaces in the city center so what is different about the space here while we are located in the center of moscow and where open twenty four hours base is something exclusive that we have. people are coming to us they can have private trainings and according to the fact that we do not have many people and guests here and members. they can have. real private classes. whatever the weather outside. any. piece and. when i say. they're not dozens of swanky gyms in the center of moscow although expensive with spas swanky interiors and swimming pools thrown in face has kind of been so good here in the russian capital now on the fourth floor inside base of the spatial fun most of the equipment that you need for
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a good workout. and you never know what russian or hollywood celebrity who might bump into. this has always played along in the people's lives in in the u.s. it's not even the. meeting today nice to see. this room with me in this. building isn't anyone still with some people this whole lifestyle and. the i could be. great if i think the market look good you know the big and they would think working out. is going so tell me a little bit about your t.v. and film career in hollywood what i'm doing there and producing and i still have. them both with russia because you know i myself by the building star many years ago you and. i wanted to you know. like you know it was like great come back to me you
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know it was like great comeback of a childhood dream because when i started bodybuilding it was my it was my dream you know to. think like arnold because he wanted to go hollywood and i went there with enough that they wanted to do it but i think that everyone everyone you know. whatever you want to buy the building because you know it's not yet but it's great . you can do it with samples you can do it in your home. i hope next time you're in the white meat of the dream our family will show you are you know how to do it what is the difference between fitness and vanity and image you know for me personally i think that was made was a great example because he achieved so much and by going on fitness it became part of him right for me. since i started in russia you know first film about me what
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are you for watching television in one thousand nine hundred three many many years ago when i was like a one year old you know and i used. part of my image very strongly and i wrote five books about value in ninety's. and i think and i hope you know that a lot of russian people go the founders you know and started by the building during the ninety's but not one thing more one thing believing in yourself sure you can of course we can achieve whatever you want to achieve you have a positive happen the optimistic will and you can do it you know definitely and that's why i'm more healthy lifestyle all my life because it was really my secret help me here to help me and that's really my secret and i'm trying to share it you know the international audience staying healthy and positive inside here i'm here with everything that you all the final thoughts i can see some of you are thank you very much of us all of you space wrong. if you
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want your body and mind you. can see what is not in the gym as always stay safe and healthy to. inspire china. hotel recreates the relaxing energy as an. asian and oriental traditions. treatments including seeing don straps are just conducted by specialist. islands of learned skills in the oldest ministries. in the stone where you can purchase all kinds of fitness equipment and exercise machines for you home you can find any women including trip on those weights and exercise bikes will personal gym. in the school system they can help choose from the various machines and offer guidance of how to use them effectively. if you feel that you need a fresh new assistance while training has
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a wide choice of discovers engines in the center of a number ships tell is a fake this is a chain of clubs which has fifteen locations in the russian capital and also many clubs in other cities in the country and beyond the five thousand train is an instructor's work at the chain including your pm hans olympic champions. if you want your fitness to be more and sustaining on a workout using a trampoline it doesn't matter how old you are and how are a lot of plays will get you close so he might well be completely at least i stars a trampoline school a cage inside edition of the stadium of his professional trainers and special exercises and equipment tons of extreme schools. and finally good music at sound this is a special feel a sense of adults in cas a musket helps make the lives of a full legged friends healthy open three years ago called the palace of hysteria
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exercise a place including triple running and swimming but even plans to start until the causes which is yes it is trite if you go to dogs. but if you mention pressure friends at the same time keep away attention burglars why not try out next sports. a fellow acacia is a performer across the arts have a chocolate factory and situated between the striking cafes i mean like comes here is. this new boxing club i'm not sure i'm professional manner our women come to train here although for some people it's about the competitive sport for most people it's simply about fitness. and he was just on his he did leave with decades boxing to can be the ideal way to keep those. exercise machines like treadmills my dear boring and we wanted to offer something different to have come up with a year to open
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a so-called white collar books in class in most cases it's popular in the west with the emphasis on fitness rather than fighting. i've been put through my paces and my trade. training like this certainly gets the heart beats racing at the same time strengthens the major muscle groups seems to be working in a. round. with me like boxing i believe the only building. will always change and stability. and with russian shuffling training with the world getting smaller no one's a menu teaching the treadmill and opting for alternative fitness activities. that said i don't think i'm doing too badly. well that's always tell me how in this week's program on fitness here in the russian capital i certainly will not be giving up my day job so i'll see you again at the same time next week for more must
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go out for ventures and sell them for me and the rest the same. for. a moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. and noone to suffer continued the man. who was the first
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but probably not the last unitary uses of this weapon. many more will meet. should one common get on in the future wealthy british style. that's not on the rise trying. to hide. markets financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines fuming to cause a report on our.
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activists in syria holding a day of nationwide protests against the government with reports of demonstrators have been fired upon the. u.s. is threatening to action and slamming syria's alliance with iran experts say washington may have its sights on both countries. russian security forces killed ten are militants in the caucasus region including the leader of a terrorist cell responsible for a number of attacks it's the latest in a series of successful counterterrorist sting operations in the region. and a russian pilot faces prison after a new york court finds him guilty of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the u.s.
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constantine goes defense team says he admitted no crime against america he was arrested by u.s. agents last year in west africa. highlights with richard stay with us. oh welcome schools very good to have you with us. rogers quests for people toiling for years starts later today against germany. in the dawn barcelona real madrid a charge while you wait for all of the stormy champions weeks in primetime wednesday. march as we take a look at the next stars of russian basketball on earth in the capital. to start with i'm talking it's been twenty years since a team made four straight world championship final appearances in a row and i thought he was in russia will be aiming to achieve what sweden did back
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in the early ninety's as missy is trying to get on the winds of ikea meeting with germany's starts are part mission and russia very inform us witnessed during this year is retaining the euro hockey talk here and i suppose germany proved stunnel opponents the last time they faced each other in austria semifinals of the bathrooms goal of less than two minutes ago just about helping the two thousand and eight two thousand and one is to victory. is what we've got however has taken on this upcoming opponents three times since two thousand and nine winning every match meanwhile posada here in slovenia meet each other the other way round clash. but for a new. head coach the tournament will provide a great opportunity to scan for new talent is a tough job on his hands to try and turn around the army men who failed to reach the playoffs last year already he says some new faces could prove a catalyst to change. well. look at the number of clearance when there
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are of course they would love to sit in the last two to meet throughout the boric and perhaps and maybe a few others but to get clearance of these killed i think is out of the question unfortunately. football and your police first same country final looks like a distinct possibility overall favorite sport so fracturing villareal. the edge against that means side and next month in dublin it's all gone now to involve two portuguese sides it isn't looking great so it wasn't looking great also heading into break ins where spanish opponents training comes from the zero a stunning a second half showing from a home side saw them scored five goals and pretty much so not bantay colombian falcao one american credibly on four occasions last prefer to leave much in a row but andre vs boys side have had five new open thinker and brothers tie it
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looks much tighter but the lisbon men are leading two one at a second leg. was going to listen and the doubt said we said that our priority was to win the ideal scenario was the will without conceding any goals we are one of the first match it's important to go to braga with a victory the same happened before both in pairs in stuttgart but. also in a real madrid meanwhile have both been charged by you a for instance bad tempered champions league semifinal first leg rail head coach or scenario was sent off for sarcastically applauding the dismissal of madrid's pepe i didn't stop there to say after the game. so. where does all this power come from their power should be football power they obviously had it and they should win with their football power but what is this fool what fool i don't understand they must have a different taste to win this way it really must have a different taste you have to be
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a very bad person for you to have the same taste to win like this all to win with a goal in the last minute you said guardiola is a great football coach a fantastic football coach i repeat but he has won the champions league but i will be a barrister one because he won it with the stamford bridge scandal and if he wins the second one this year it will be with bernard bay you scandal that's why i hope because gordie only deserves it that one day gordie owner will have the chance to win an entire champions league. for you if i have been busy european football's governing body handing down a forty thousand euro fine to glasgow rangers chanting sectarian songs during our europa league game champions seen here during their latest clash with celtic also have to make do with any away fans at my next trip in marriage spending on the plans for a second away from ash has also added to the club fails to stem a third of our behavior in the next three years when rangers homegrown i brought
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this on because one game prevailed days to go this is. so much of an exam and very still continuing in russia again scouts what better place to look for future talent countries you've danceable big finals which are held just outside the capital this week constantly got off of the story. i am pro basketball in russia isn't in the best of health at the moment however to grassroots level the signs are more promising well developing the sport has become a priority the an eighteen basketball league aims to develop future stars and this year's finals were held just outside moscow came to claim the united league title this year and the future looks bright for the club from the moscow region as their juniors have been unstoppable this season but here it is not the first time we fall to such tournament's finals turned out to be very exciting tied battles in every match there was lots of talent on the court we hold everybody enjoyed. the league
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is a stepping stone between sports schools and pro basketball younger stars gain more and more experience from games welcome addition and more women quizzes and by the time the queen answers the world of professional sport after another stint in the minor leagues they're ready for action on the senior heart of the and because of these tournament is very important as a first step for youngster moving towards adult sport and this is where his can buy new tales for the nation old team as gives game practice for players under eighteen . am of all this youngster is to play for the national team and to have a future career in the n.b.a. and for some of them this could soon become a reality as they show their worth in finishing second at the european championships last year claiming in medal at the under eighteen tournament for the first time since the soviet union was second in one thousand nine hundred the signs are promising in russia's juniors will be hoping to better there this summer and
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claim that elusive gold at european championships in poland because they will have of archie. staying on the hardwood however two time defending champions are alive and well in the n.b.a. playoffs sundress late it's a bombs into the second round to run back home against new orleans in game six and making. knocking the end of an exciting series one more time to cry not thankfully even by more than twenty points at one stage in the game and a group of the double double for the women's eighteen points and told we bounce it out of the holes meanwhile upset the all on the magic to advance their next round of magic hot favorites to send all star teams a sweeping win during last season's home season but i'm just with me returning the favor surprising orlando by taking the series in six games the mavericks are also into the last eight as well eliminating the portland trailblazers overall and winning game six on the road. from big for a conference to do with
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a road. player or three. in this league if you have a chance to close the team out you always want to go forward and actually tyson talked about it we talked about before the game that this is kind of our game seven we didn't want to play a game and. this is american football and i thought draft comes amid a labor uncertainty in the league table two thousand and eleven was anything but a diet quarterback cam newton making his way to carolina. collegiate national champion first overall. graduate newton his imposing figure this was issued of course for two meters tall and weigh ten kilograms the heisman trophy winner bow drawn these reviews from critics biggest drawbacks are allegations over some less than gentlemanly pairing to. a legion career that spanned three different schools linebacker von miller from texas and went to the denver broncos what the marines paid russia and seeing in the room a lot lately as he sided with the current n.f.l.
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players and the way it's only going. late at the speeds. over the greens finally where bubba watson turned his day around in a hurry to share a one shot lead with mike jones on the opening round of his era classic in louisiana a bogey on the opening hole helps wake up once and once again are counting to sixty six in the super bowl overall efforts this approach probably be american home with their fans all to know one of the six birdies. long shot freedom and helped thirty two year old boy of australian mike jones lead on six under whole group of six golfers putting pressure on the leading german while swede can't have a sin is one of them saw it on the par. i think. of all sports in a run time statement artsy was coming up next but not at once. culture
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is that so much a given to the huge musician the person on the mark with as the arab spring injuries it six months it appears to have run into some serious head to some era yes. the moment when the world has changed forever. thousands passed to nothingness. thousands wounded. to suffer. it was the first but probably not the last military uses of this weapon.
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will become. common in the future.
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twenty years ago in the largest country. to certain places. which had been more each month and each began a journey. where did it take them. they faced it this is not a provocation but a warning that come from the forces of the ship scary for you sure the supreme victory speaks of they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one is the says it is open to new things for any army the life of a used piece is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from one.


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